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Before requesting a permit from the municipality for digging your well, there is certain key information that you must have:

  1. The address where the well is to be located.
  2. The owner's name and address (if different from address where well is to be located).
  3. The planned start and end dates for the project.
  4. Estimated cost of the project.
  5. Daily water requirements to be met for the house (in M3).
  6. The driller's RBQ number (Rgie du btiment du Qubec).
  7. Is there any cropland that is less than 30 metres from the well's planned location?
  8. Is it in an area susceptible to flooding?
  9. Is there an existing well?


  1. You must provide a diagram of the location with regard to wastewater treatment systems (septic tank and septic beds, including those on your neighbours' property).
  2. A drilling report, which must be provided to you by the contractor who will carry out the work.
  3. According to the ministre de l'Environnement du Qubec, between two and thirty days after your pump equipment is operational, you must also collect water samples and have them analyzed by a laboratory certified by the ministre de l'environnement du Qubec in accordance with section 118.6 of the Environmental Quality Act.
    1. MicroB Laboratory in Gatineau: 819-778-0020
    2. City of Gatineau Laboratory: 819-663-5585



To find out more about regulations with regard to capturing groundwater in Quebec, visit the Web site of Quebec's ministre du Dveloppement durable, de l'Environnement et des Parcs (information available only in French).

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